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at the Rex Theatre

$20 day pass required for each day* 

*Saturday day pass does NOT include Blues Brothers ticket. You must purchase a separate ticket for that event.

*Purchasing a ticket to Kevin Pollak or The Blues Brothers grants you a day pass to all 3 days worth of events. 

2023 Schedule

Thursday, August 10th


Doors open at 6:30PM | Program starts at 7:00PM

Block 1

Legend Has It

Directed by Anna Liakos, Alex Liakos

3 Mins – New Hampshire 

On May 3, 2003, New Hampshire’s Iconic OLD MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN fell. For nearly two decades mystery surrounds the destruction of the beloved landmark…Until Now.

The Bear

Directed by Brandon Hicks

3 Mins – Canada

We go along on a New Brunswick Bear Hunt. 


Directed by Ting Zhou

2 Mins – China

A butterfly is born, the colorful world around it brought to life in vivid animation. From Hubei Institute of Fine Arts comes this student work. Music from Zen Xin.

Under The Endless Sky

Directed by Alexandra Dzhiganskaya

4 Mins – Ukraine

Alexandra is an award-winning Ukrainian illustrator and animator, currently in Vienna, Austria. “My childhood memories have acquireda special value for me since the outbreak of the full-scale war in Ukraine, my home country. For many children, this time will become a formative memory.” 

Do We have a Chance?

Directed by Valentina Galdi

5 Mins – Italy

A boy is struggling with love, but how many fears really belong to him and how many are the daughters of the homologating and conformist society?

Jupiter Cove 

Directed by Anna Chavez

3 Mins – United States

Centuries after the reign of Greek gods, Zeus and his estranged wife, Hera, have been driven apart. Now, they have reunited at Jupiter Cove, for better or worse…

Goro Goro

Directed by Ryotaro Sawada, Agatha Tiara Christa

3 Mins – United States

Goro Goro follows the story of Daigoro, a baby thunder god, who dreams of being as powerful as his father. Through his thunderous journey, he realizes that he can achieve his dreams in his own unique way.

The Impenetrable Vessel!

Directed by Brandon Hicks

2 Mins – Canada

This animated film, in the format of a trailer, is a satirical look at military might and sci-fi heroes. A second exemplary entry from the up and coming Canadian Animator. 

Where are you from?

3 Mins – Uruguay

“Where are you from?” combines 3D animation and music creating an immersive cinematic journey, conveying the urgency of addressing environmental disasters and their consequences through realism and fantasy.

I’m Gonna Get You

Directed by Jeremy Weinstein

3 Mins – United States 

Heartwarming, family-friendly animated short that explores the power of friendship.

Block 2

Haunted Homies

Directed by Brandon Russo

6 Mins – United States

A ghost hunting reality show from the early 2000’s, where one of the members, unbeknownst to the rest of the group, is in fact a ghost himself!

The Dead Sea

Directed by Skai Chow and Rebecca Lau

3 Mins – United States

In an underwater ocean of an alien planet, a diver named Bahri goes on adeep sea expedition, and accidentally brings back an alien parasite to his research base.


Directed by Takayuki Yoshikawa

5 Mins – Japan

A lonely robot is left behind in a closed, deserted old building. Director Takayuki Yoshikawa is a professor in computer graphics, and video game design at the Nagoya Zokei University in Nagoya, Japan. Takayuki’s previous work can be seen in the popular video game FINAL FANTASY. 


Directed by Erica Travia

8 Mins – United States

Nominee for Best LGBTQ+ Short Film. Arcade is an animated short film that follows Milo as he is relentlessly pursued by a manifestation of his anxiety and self-doubt. Milo eventually finds comfort in the arcade,the arcade however, turns it into a psychedelic nightmare. 

Beam Brained Breakdown!

Directed by Lily Fairleigh

5 Mins – Unites States 

A high school gymnast panics as she realizes she’s about to be the last competitor at the State championship meet. With the pressure mounting from all angles, Penelope must trust herself to stay on the beam with all eyes on her. From Connecticut based Animator Lily Fairleigh. 

Enter your Name

Directed by Aubrey Scott

3 Mins – United States

Enter Your Name is a surreal fantasy film that serves as an allegory to the experiences of a pre-transition trans person, with horror elements to allude to the complex emotions and inner turmoil that one can go through. Nominee for Best LGBTQ+ Short Film. 

Paul Roux – Bapteme

Directed by Alessandro Amaducci

5 Mins – Italy 

An astronaut trapped in a cage made of data is looking for meaning.

A Familiar Face 

Directed by Lara Parizek

4 Mins – Argentina  

A girl seeks out the help of a therapy pig who takes her through a surreal simulation.Lara Parizek is an Argentine animator living in Brooklyn, New York. 

Zombie Punch! 

Directed by Molly Glackin

3 Mins – United States 

Three middle school girls have to put their differences aside to stop a zombie outbreak from getting in the way of their 8th grade dance!

The Ribbon 

Directed by Polla Kozino

5 Mins – United States

A young girl suddenly finds herself in a beautiful imaginary world.

Block 3


Directed by Loi Huynh, Jordan Waterworth 

6 Mins – United States  

When a loud and energetic boy spends a day at a quiet Buddhist temple, he crosses paths with a fiery friend that leads him on a spiritual adventure. 

Emerging New Hampshire Animator Award

Hippo Press – Best New Hampshire Animation Award

The Ten Commandments of Banquet Service

Directed by Griffin “The” Hansen 

8 Mins – New Hampshire 

Jim, a lowly little banquet server, tries his best to survive a wedding from Hell. Unofficially based on experiences from The Bedford Village Inn. Starring voiceovers from Fritz Wetherbee and Ray Magliozzi from NPR’s “Car Talk”. 


Directed by Mark Osborne 

7 Mins – United States

“MORE”; The 1999 stop-animation film, winner of the Sundance Film Festival – Special Jury Prize for Short Films. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, MORE tells the story of an inventor who lives in a drab, colorless world.

Post Screening Panel Discussion with Filmmaker Mark Osborne

Filmmaker meet & greet @ City Hall Pub

Friday, August 11th


Doors open at 6:30PM | Program starts at 7:00PM

Block 1

Southern New Hampshire University – Astronaut Goes to The Rex Commercial

Directed by Nicole Straussberg and Nicholas Biron

7 Min – New Hampshire 

A Spaceman finds himself wondering down the street in Manchester, New Hampshire; when a light catches his eye. He decides to go see a movie. Made in collaboration with Southern New Hampshire University Video Production Department under the stewardship of Professor David Humphreys.This is the second year we have partnered with SNHU to work with emerging filmmakers and showcase their work. 

How to Open A Clam

Directed by Lisa Romagnoli

14 mins United States

A young man (Adam) and his two friends are on a weekend beach trip at Adam’s family house, but the vacation becomes disrupted after a clamming expedition when Adam becomes frustrated by his inability to open a clam, and his growing obsession threatens to destroy friendships.


Directed by Matthew Beltz, Written by Jimmy Luc

15 Min – United States

With mom gone, dad in a pit, and the neighborhood watching, Randy is trying to hold it together before everything explodes.

Block 2

Little Courier

Directed by Nick Crezula

2 Mins – New Hampshire

From the mind of 2022 MIFF Best Comedy Winner “Summer” comes a ridiculous short film set on a quiet morning in the suburbs. The team at CZ Video Production team are always welcome at our festival with their newest project! Shot on location in Concord, New Hampshire. 

Feature Presentation 

Being Robin

Directed by Roger Kabler 

75 Mins – United States

A love letter to Robin Williams, based on true events. A film by Roger Kabler 2022. Fantasy, memoir, self-discovery is all wrapped up in Roger Kabler’s film about his and our love for the great Robin Williams. Variety called it “Fascinating”; Honorable Mention at Big Apple Film Festival.

In addition to being one of the country’s most talented comedy impressionists, Roger Kabler has experienced a career that has included the film Cluelesss, being Zima’s spokesman, appearing as a regular Carol Burnett’s last series in 1991, as well as staring in his own NBC sitcom, Rhythm, and Blues. Moreover, Roger wrote, produced, and starred in the new hit film “Being Robin” He is performing in sold-out showrooms across North America. Variety magazine describes him as an astounding impressionist. “Comic Genius” say Peter Keough of Arts Fuse. 


Post Screening Q & A with Director Roger Kabler moderated by Festival Director, Warren O’Reilly.

afterparty @ City Hall Pub

Saturday, August 12th


Doors open at 11:30AM | Program starts at 12:00PM

Block 1 (noon - 4pm)

Southern New Hampshire University – Astronaut Goes to The Rex Commercial  (Second Showing)

Directed by Nicole Straussberg and Nicholas Biron

7 Min – New Hampshire 

A Spaceman finds himself wondering down the street in Manchester, New Hampshire; when a light catches his eye. He decides to go see a movie. Made in collaboration with Southern New Hampshire University Video Production Department under the stewardship of Professor David Humphreys.This is the second year we have partnered with SNHU to work with emerging filmmakers and showcase their work. 

Lonesome Skyline

Directed by Daniel Declan McAuliffe
30 mins New Hampshire 
Experience a soul searching visual kaleidoscope with a timeless musical accompaniment.

Prayer of The Birds

Directed by Yevgeniya Regent

11  Mins – Ukraine 

A 9-year-old refugee from Ukraine rethinks the experience of her childhood, now overshadowed by war. This film is a poetic exploration of the human spirit, resilience, and the transformative power of art in the face of unimaginable trauma.

Legends of the Mountain

Directed by Nuala Dalton

15 mins – Ireland

Folktales surrounding an ancient sacred site, hold within them a turbulent and painful history. Yet they also had carry messages of hope and possibility.


Directed by  Steve Melone

30 mins – United States

Sherman Kinsley is a “Laugh Coordinator,” the conductor for the last group of canned laughter artists in show business. Winner of Garden State Film Festival Lou Costello Award for Best Comedy Short

The Murder of Olof Palme

Directed by Joaquim Weibull and Paco Garcia

20 mins – Sweden 

Olof Palme was Sweden’s Prime Minister from 1969–1976 and 1982–1986. Olof was a controversial politician who dominated Swedish politics for a long time. In 1986, Olof Palme was shot dead on an open street in Stockholm. The assassination has been an unsolved mystery that has plagued Sweden ever since. Winner of the Sweden Film Awards and Cannes Film Awards. 

Last Laugh

Directed by Paul Lewis Anderson

25 mins – United States

Last Laugh is a noir mystery comedy about a young man who moves into a slummy New York City apartment with an unexpected occupant, the intolerable ghost of Maury Zuckerman, a legendarily bad stand up comedian.

Every Waking Moment

Directed by  Jacob Elliott Dufton

20 mins United Kingdom

It’s 1963, a classical recital plays on British television – Edward Talbot, a composer, accompanies Alistair Percy, a Tenor, as they perform for a small audience. Hidden behind a strict veil of conformity, the two are deeply in love – the creator and his muse. Edward is wracked with fear. His love is illegal and vulturous dangers lurk for him around the corner, his only consolation is his lover and his music. They share poetic debate about music, the fear of an oppressive government and, most of all, their love, peppered with the beautiful music they create together.


Directed by Jason Bousssioux

15 mins France

Paris by night, a taximan – former jazz saxophonist – drives a young woman to the place which appeared to her in a dream because she believes something very important will happen there.

Featured Documentary

The Dogmatics: A Dogumentary

Directed by Rudy Childs

90 mins – United States

See this intimate glimpse into the early 80s Boston music scene. “The Dogmatics: A Dogumentary” shares the untold story of the band that unwittingly pioneered and became emblematic of the genre.

Block 2 (6PM - 10pm)


​Directed by Mark Albiston

15min – New Zealand 

A fourteen-year-old boy, whose Mum plans on selling his deceased Dad’s Datsun, decides to take his best friend and little brother on one last joyride.

Closing Film

The Blues Brothers (1980)

Directed by John Landis 

133 mins – United States 

Jake Blues rejoins with his brother Elwood after being released from prison, but the duo has just days to reunite their old R&B band and save the Catholic home where the two were raised, outrunning the police as they tear through Chicago.

Live Performance from Blues Brothers The Next Generation

45 Mins

afterparty @ City Hall Pub

2023 film highlights

“Manchester International Film Festival was amazing. What a great city Manchester, NH is! The people who run this festival are extremely kind and put on an unforgettable show for our film. I highly recommend submitting your film here!”

– David Seth Cohen, Director

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Our mission is to share the talents of the best independent filmmakers, directors, performers, and creators create networking opportunities for both established and emerging artists to engage with the community in ways that encourage discussion and debate. Through the film festival, we serve Manchester by exhibiting cinematic stories from people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, initiating thoughtful dialogue, and enriching Manchester’s artistic community.

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