Thank You!

We are so grateful to the City of Manchester, all of our partners, local artists and businesses that made the first ever Manchester Citywide Art Festival a resounding success!

We also extend a heartfelt thank you to the community- this weeklong celebration of the arts was made possible by and for you! We hope you enjoyed attending one, or more, of the many amazing events throughout the week.

With so much excitement and creative energy around this first ever event, we will no doubt be working to make a second annual Manchester Citywide Arts Festival come to life. Stay tuned!

Thank you to Barret Fraser, Constantine Mills, and Michaela Mallozzi for sharing their time and talents with us to capture these beautiful photos.


The mission of the Manchester Citywide Arts Festival is to offer unique and meaningful points of connection between the greater Manchester community, local artists and creative small businesses. We accomplish this through a program of diverse and accessible events that span a broad range of media and experiences, from theater to fine art, to literature, comedy, music, dance and more!

Our Event Partners...

Made the first ever Manchester Citywide Arts Festival possible!  A special thank you to each organization and the individuals who represented them at events throughout the week, for creating an exciting, welcoming, and fun festival environment.