Silent Film with Live Music: Halloween Creepfest!

Lon Chaney Halloween Creepfest! “The Unknown” (1927) and “West of Zanzibar” (1928)

Part of the 2024-2025 Silent Film Series at The Rex Theatre

Lon Chaney Halloween Creepfest! “The Unknown” (1927) and ‘West of Zanzibar’ (1928), both starring Lon Chaney and directed by Todd Browning; The Rex Theatre, 23 Amherst St., Manchester, N.H.; (603) 574-4826. Two very weird late silent thrillers, both starring Chaney at the peak of his career and directed by Todd Browning. In ‘The Unknown‘ (1927), Chaney plays ‘Alonzo the Armless,’ a circus knife-thrower (he uses his feet!) with a dark past who lusts after trapeze artist Joan Crawford, who is pursued by the circus strong man, but she has a phobia about being held by a man. In ‘West of Zanzibar‘ (1928), Chaney plays a vaudeville magician who loses use of his legs in an accident but still journeys to Africa to seek revenge on the wealthy businessman (Lionel Barrymore) who stole his beloved. Join us for a series of silent film programs with live music in a wonderful restored theater in downtown Manchester. Tickets $10 per person.


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Oct 30 2024


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm




The Rex Theatre
23 Amherst Street
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