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Showcase: February 10, 2023 at 6pm

Our Acting Studio will offer six-week courses throughout the year, bringing classes like Intro to Acting, Improvisation, Scene Study, Playwriting, and more!

Stage Makeup

Hunter has been involved in makeup design and application with Palace Youth Theatre, Palace Teen Company, and Palace Teen Apprentice Company for 10+ years. Students will learn his tricks and tips, all while having fun and getting to try out different makeup looks and styles on themselves and others.

Makeup should be creative and explored by all performers! This class is also great for students who are not looking to perform but would like to learn more about the behind the scenes aspects of theatre.

4PM-5PM (Grades 5-12)
Mon Jan 9, Mon Jan 16, Fri Jan 27, Fri Feb 3, Mon Feb 6


Teen Improv

Teen Improv is designed for students looking to take improv to the next level. This class is all about having fun and expanding your abilities as a performer. This troupe will focus more on scene based improv while also playing all the fun games you know and expect.

Performers in this class will unite in a hilarious performance at the showcase at the end of the session.

Mondays 5PM-6PM (Grades 10-12)
January 9 – February 6


Improv & Acting Games I

This course is geared towards our younger performers who are finding their voices on stage (and off!). Students will develop foundational skills through a series of improv games and acting activities. Whether you are looking to give acting a try or you are a seasoned youth performer, this class is sure to be fun!

Mondays 6PM-7PM (Grades 2-5)
January 9 – February 6


Improv & Acting Games II

Learn to open up on stage and show your natural personality without fear. Students will continue to expand their abilities on stage through a series of improv games and acting activities. This class is for students of all levels of theatre experience, and is sure to be a fun, creative experience for all!

Mondays 7PM-8PM (Grades 6-9)
January 9 – February 6


Mini Camp: Musical Edition

Following the success of our fall Mini Camp, we are thrilled to offer our new Mini Camp: Mini Musical Edition! In these two hour/week classes, campers will be creating a short one act jukebox style musical together. Students will work together to design and create their costumes, sets, and props culminating in a musical to perform for their friends and families. Campers will have a chance to learn more about Choreography, Acting, and Music while creating something they can truly be proud of!

5PM-7PM (Grades 2-6)
Wed Jan 11, Wed Jan 18, Fri Jan 27, Fri Feb 3, Wed Feb 8



Our Dance Studio is a comprehensive dance school for students ages 3-adult. Throughout these 12-week sessions, dancers will learn technique and choreography in jazz, tap, contemporary, and more!

Winter Session classes for our 2022-2023 season will culminate in a student showcase on Sunday, March 26 at the Rex Theatre. Not all classes will perform in the showcase, please take note of the class descriptions.

Ages 3-5

3, 4 and 5-year-old Intro to Dance (1 hour) 

This class is all about introducing our youngest students to the fun world of dance! These classes are divided into several short activities, focusing on creative movement and fun! This is a great introduction to flexibility, dance class etiquette, and friendly cooperation with classmates. This kind of creative self-expression is an important part of developmental growth and the confidence and discipline they will gain will stay with them as they explore the world outside our classroom! Class will culminate in a short choreographed performance in a student showcase at the end of each session. Please note that all dancers must be potty trained before joining.

Wednesdays 4PM-5PM
January 11-March 22


Grades 1-5

TJB 1-5 (1 hour)

The Tap/Jazz/Ballet hybrid class is for students in grades 1-5. In these classes, students will enjoy a technique based warm-up, expand their jazz dance abilities, and continue to work on their tap skills, with an emphasis on musicality and rhythm. These classes all follow a similar structure but are designed to meet the individual needs of each student while taking into account their emotional maturity and attention span. These classes will culminate in a jazz and tap routine to be performed in a student showcase at the end of each session.

Grades 1-5

Thursdays 4PM-5PM
January 12-March 23

Grades 6-12

Tap, Technique, and Jazz Classes: (1 hour each) 

For our students in grades 6-12, we offer hour-long classes in TapJazz, and Dance Technique with 3 leveling options available in each discipline. Our Level 1 dancers are on the beginner side of their dance training, our Level 2 dancers are more intermediate, and our Level 3 classes are geared towards our most advanced students. Tap classes will focus on rhythm and musicality, technique, and well-rounded tap skills. Jazz classes will focus on skill-building appropriate to each level, and learning how to be a versatile and adaptable dancer and performer. Dance Technique will have an emphasis on building foundational ballet technique as well as jazz technique with an emphasis on musicality and strength. Each class is geared towards building technique, learning choreography, and pushing our students to be the best dancers they can be! Tap and Jazz classes will culminate in a choreographed routine to be performed in a student showcase at the end of each session.

Level One (Beginner) Classes 

Dance Technique Level 1 – Mondays 5PM-6PM (January 9-March 20)
Jazz Level 1 – Tuesdays 4PM-5PM (January 10-March 21)
Tap Level 1 – Thursdays 4PM-5PM (January 12-March 23)

Level Two (Intermediate) Classes

Dance Technique Level 2 – Wednesdays 5PM-6PM (January 11-March 22)
Jazz Level 2 – Tuesdays 5PM-6PM (January 10-March 21)
Tap Level 2 – Thursdays 5PM-6PM (January 12-March 23)

Level Three (Advanced) Classes

Tap Level 3 – Saturdays 10AM-11AM (January 14-March 25)
Dance Technique Level 3 – Saturdays 11AM-Noon (January 14-March 25)
Jazz Level 3 – Saturdays Noon-1PM (January 14-March 25)

Hip-Hop and Contemporary Classes: (1 hour each) 

We are happy to offer two levels of Hip-Hop and Contemporary for dancers in grades 4-12. Both of these classes will offer dancers an opportunity to train in two of the most cutting-edge styles of dance, often seen on screens and stages around the world. Hip-Hop will focus on a grounded style similar to commercial, jazz-funk, and street dance. Contemporary is an extension of ballet, with emotional qualities and strong storytelling elements. These classes will culminate in a choreographed routine to be performed in a student showcase at the end of each session.

Level 1 (Beginner/Intermediate) Classes

Contemporary Level 1 – Sundays Noon-1PM (January 8-March 19)
Hip-Hop Level 1 – Sundays 1PM-2PM (January 8-March 19)

Level 2 (Intermediate/Advanced) Classes

Hip-Hop Level 2 – Sundays Noon-1PM (January 8-March 19)
Contemporary Level 2 – Sundays 1PM-2PM (January 8-March 19)

Adult Classes (18+)

Adult Class options:

Single class drop-in rate: $18
5 Classes: $75 (save $15)
10 Classes: $150 (save $30)

Adult Tap (1 hour) 

This will be a fun rhythm-based class for any students college-aged or older, suited for all levels and culminating in an optional performance at the end of each session!

Level 1 (Beginner) Classes

Sundays 9:30AM-10:30AM (January 8- March 19)

Level 2 (Intermediate) Classes

Sundays 10:30AM-11:30PM (January 8- March 19)


Our Voice Studio offers private vocal coachings each month, both in person at Forever Emma Studios and via Zoom with professional performers from across the country!

Coachings are for students in Grades 2-12 and are $30 per half hour.  All payments are due at the time of booking, and all coachings are non-refundable. 

For more information on coaches and availability, please email Megan Alves at [email protected].

College Prep

With our connections to professional performers and theatre faculty, we offer Panels, Coachings, and personalized guidance to students looking to audition for colleges and pursue a career in the Performing Arts.

For more information on coaches and availability, please email Megan Quinn at [email protected]

Our Instructors

Learn more about the amazing Industry level instructors committed to providing arts education opportunities to our community.

Skyler Podziewski

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Sebastian Goldberg

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Megan Alves

Megan Alves is originally from Connecticut, where she grew up training in a diverse range of dance styles. She continued her dance education at Point Park University, where she received […]

Lexi Meunier

Lexi Meunier began her theatrical career in her hometown of Derry by participating in youth programs, and continues to perform and direct throughout the New England theatre community. A theatre […]

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